Zoe Community is committed to the highest standards of governance and safeguarding.  

All our volunteers are Garda vetted our Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the organisation and holding management accountable.

Board of Directors


Sarah Legge


Originally from Co. Wicklow, I first got involved in local church leadership almost 30 years ago and trained in leadership and theology in Northern Ireland. I am married to Martin and mom to two amazing children, Mia and David.

My husband and I followed God’s leading to move to Limerick in 2006, and after many years of balancing volunteer ministry and a legal career, stepped into my lifelong dream of full-time ministry in 2021. I now serve as Executive Pastor at Abundant Life Church Limerick and serve its Board of Directors, and also work for The Irish Assemblies of God. I am also honoured to serve on the National Council of Christian Churches Ireland since 2016.

I am passionate about the local church, developing leaders and building the Kingdom of God in this nation. I share Zoe’s heart to empower women’s lives in the context of supportive community and I am honoured to have recently accepted the role of Chairperson.


Chloe Hanan


I am a Dublin/Wicklow native, trained in childcare and education. I have worked across different contexts of care and education, and I now work as a National Campus Director of Agapé. 

As a charitable organization Agapé works with students in university to foster spiritual growth of students. 

I am also a member of the Zoe team as I am passionate about young women’s lives being resourced, and seeing community grow. I also love dogs, books and music. 


Gavin Rothwell


I grew up in Dublin, and completed my LL.B. in Trinity College Dublin in 2017.  When not studying, I enjoy good music and the outdoors.

Zoe is an organisation that seeks to empower, encourage and build-up those facing challenging circumstances. I share these values, and I am passionate about finding ways to pursue these in Ireland with integrity, accountability, and respect.


Janice MacFarlane


I am from Dublin and have been living in Greystones since 1995. I trained as a General Nurse in the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin 1986 to 1989 and worked there until September 1990. In September 1990 I went to one of the Dublin Maternity Hospitals to train as a Midwife and although The Adelaide Hospital contacted me a few times to return after I qualified as a Midwife, I just could not leave. I still work there to date and have worked in various areas, currently I am one of The Assistant Director’s of Midwifery and Nursing. 

I was involved in Youth Ministry for years in St Mark’s Church, Pearse St, Dublin. After studying for 5 years in total to qualify as a Nurse and a Midwife I said I would never study again!! But… I also have a Bachelor Degree in Theology and a Masters in Applied Theology.

I was so encouraged when Katy approached me with her vision for Zoe Community to support and offer practical help to women who are experiencing crisis pregnancies. So often the church is slow to respond or indeed is seen to be judgmental or irrelevant in today’s society. Zoe Community can help train and facilitate local churches to be involved in helping these vulnerable women and their families. I am looking forward to working with Zoe Community and seeing it established with the highest of standards and professionalism.


Ana Pires


Originally from Brazil, I’ve lived in Dublin since 2008. I graduated and worked as a Business Administrator in Brazil. I’ve also graduated in Computer Science in Dublin where I work in the technology industry, supporting clients.

Just before the referendum of 2018, I felt a strong need to pray for women facing pregnancy crises and their supportive organisations. I never thought I’d be called to work to make such an organization alive!

Since joining Zoe I have walked the path of being Zoe’s first client as I began to deal with my own post abortion trauma. I have lived without shame and guilt following my abortion since the day I decided to seek help.

I currently work with Zoe to build a community hub where women facing uncertainty around being pregnant can be supported, respected, and cared for.  My desire is that these women feel they have a safe community to share their situations.

I love that I work with an organisation that will train and equip volunteers to support others without judgment.